Snoring Isn't Sexy

Snoring isn't normal either.

So many people snore, everyone thinks it's normal.
Most people think that snoring is just what some people do. However sleeping should be a silent activity. Snoring is not natural and unless you are suffering from a cold or congestion, you should breathe effortlessly when you are awake or asleep. Yet night after night, 1 in 3 adults snore on a regular basis and up to 50% snore occasionally.  This comes out to 80 million regularly snoring adults in the United States.
Did you know that up to 59% of people report that their partner snores in bed?  In addition, 23% of couples sleep in separate beds, a trend increasingly dubbed “sleep divorce”.
Obstructive sleep apnea can cause other problems in the bedroom as well. A common symptom of sleep apnea is erectile dysfunction and a low libido or sex drive. But not all is lost, as it is possible to bring sexy back by managing sleep apnea and snoring.
If you or someone you love snores, call Dr. Harrell for an evaluation to determine if it’s just snoring or a symptom of more serious condition.


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